About RESICQ member crisis centers

Crisis Centers

Quebec’s crisis centers are community-based, not-for-profit front-line organizations that provide specialized crisis intervention services free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Brief History

In 1986, Minister Thérèse Lavoie-Roux initially announced the establishment of specialized crisis intervention centers as a measure to alleviate overcrowding in psychiatric emergency departments. By 1987, eight centers were tasked with providing a comprehensive range of crisis services to the public, including telephone crisis lines, temporary accommodations, and short-term crisis follow-up. Subsequently, additional centers have emerged, albeit with somewhat uneven development and coverage of areas on the map. Over the years, these centers have amassed valuable expertise that is yet to receive full financial support. Our specialized, professional, flexible, and compassionate community crisis services have adeptly adjusted to the realities and needs of their specific regions and the individuals they serve.

Member Clientele

Our aim is to alleviate the suffering of all adults aged 18 and over who are experiencing a crisis situation, whether situational or related to a mental health problem, as well as their loved ones.

At the heart of our interventions is a high level of respect for all individual in distress. We welcome them openly and listen to their suffering without prejudice, regardless of their culture, beliefs, circumstances or past. First and foremost, we treat people as human beings, with their own trajectory, their own personal story, and their own strengths.

Members’ Support Teams

Our teams of counsellors are made up of professionals with backgrounds in social work, psychology, special education, guidance and counselling, psycho-education or other relevant support services.

All our qualified counsellors are specifically trained in crisis intervention. They are assisted by an excellent team of administrative support staff and clinical coordinators
who provide support and supervision.

Member Services

Our centers provide immediate assistance and offer a full range of specialized crisis intervention services, free of charge and in total confidentiality.

Crisis center services may vary from region to region.

Commitment of our Members

Our members’ commitments align with our shared value (the principles of humaneness) and mission. Below are the commitments that Quebec’s community crisis centers
consistently strive to honour.

Accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Providing front-line crisis intervention services, without ever sending callers to voicemail, without delays, at all hours of the day and night.

Offering an Alternative to Emergency Services

We offer an alternative to hospital emergency rooms, and contribute to a decrease in hospitalization times in psychiatric units, as well as reducing police intervention and criminal proceedings.

Assessing Risk and Intervening Effectively

In crisis intervention, assessing risk of harm is of paramount importance. We assess the suicidal, para-suicidal and homicidal nature of the situation, as well as the risk of aggression, of decompensation and drug use.

Prioritizing Partnerships

Working with family and friends, as well as institutional and community partners, our crisis centers are committed to working in harmony and solidarity, while respecting
differences and complementarities.

Dedicated, Free Crisis Intervention Services

Professional and confidential services offered by our members make all the difference for a person in crisis, as well as their family and friends, and any professional called upon to intervene with a person in psychological distress.

Our services may vary from region to region.

Crisis Hotline

The 24/7 Phone Intervention service (the Crisis hotline) helps people defuse a crisis and address their emotions (fear, anger, anxiety, etc.).

This initial contact allows us to:

  • Assess the situation
  • Evaluate the risk factors
  • Recommend the most appropriate service.

Crisis Shelter

Crisis shelters help people going through a period of vulnerability to find stability.

Our caregivers provide daily support in a safe, warm and welcoming setting, while respecting the individual’s pace and choices, to help them return to their normal level of functioning.

​Mobile Service

Our caregivers are on hand to meet with the people affected and those around them, to offer support, guidance and information, and to refer them to other specialized resources as needed. The Mobile Crisis Team’s work helps to adequately manage a crisis situation within the community, that is appropriate to the level of danger it represents.

Follow-up to a Crisis

Our counsellors help individuals in crisis to take concrete steps towards regaining and maintaining stability.

Post-crisis follow-up also helps build bridges to other resources or facilitate referrals, whenever appropriate or necessary.

Support Services for Loved Ones

Crisis counsellors provide support and guidance not only to those in crisis, but also to their families and friends, as well as to any professional called upon to intervene with an individual in psychological distress.

Services for Partners

We provide support to network and community partners in crisis and distress.

Certain centers offer a variety of training courses to our partners in each of our territories, for example :

  • Crisis intervention: which can be adapted to specific components (mental health, aggressive context, etc.);
  • Assessment of risk or threat of danger (Law P-0038);
  • Training of Sentinels;
  • Suicidal emergency assessment—For centers whose services include a suicide prevention mandate.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in a Career at a Crisis Intervention Center?

RESICQ’s member crisis centers are regularly on the lookout for people who want to work in a rewarding and stimulating environment.

To submit an unsolicited application, you can send your resume and cover letter, specifying the center(s) for which you wish to apply, to the following e-mail address: centresdecrise@gmail.com.

*Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.