About Regroupement des services d'intervention de crise du Québec


The Regroupement des Services d’Intervention de Crise du Québec (RESICQ) was founded in February 2003, and now includes 22 members from all over the province. One of the core values of the group is to promote community-based and alternative practices for crisis intervention. The RESICQ is guided by a commitment to the primacy of the individual and to the quality, continuity and consistency of crisis intervention services offered by its members.

The announcement in 1986 by Minister Thérèse Lavoie-Roux on the creation of specialized crisis intervention centers was intended to help ease the burden of overcrowding in psychiatric emergency wards throughout the province.

Today, a network of 22 crisis centers provide free services to all adults coping with or experiencing a psychosocial, psychopathological or psychotraumatic crisis.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of major regions in Quebec that do not benefit from a comprehensive range of crisis services: including Mauricie, Côte-Nord, Nord du Québec and Chaudière-Appalaches.

Our aim is to work in close collaboration with all societal stakeholders involved, to ensure that we can deliver  comprehensive community crisis services to populations in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Mandate

At its core, the RESICQ is committed to ensuring that all Quebecers have access to quality crisis services in all regions of the province.

Mobilize and engage in consultations with member organizations regarding issues pertaining to the services provided by crisis intervention centers.

Advocate for, promote, and protect the interests of the Corporation’s members with the appropriate authorities.

Raise awareness about the services, practices and expertise offered by crisis intervention centers.

Foster community and alternative crisis intervention practices that prioritize the individual, emphasizing continuity, consistency, and the quality of intervention provided by members.

Improve crisis intervention practices through training, conferences and other initiatives.

Encourage the exchange of services, support and information sharing between our members.

Strive to ensure that all Quebecers have access to crisis intervention services.

Board of Directors


Roxane Thibeault, Présidente

La Maison sous les Arbres, Montérégie 

Hugues LaForce,  Vice-président

Centre d’intervention de crise Tracom, Montréal

Steve Bouthillier, Trésorier

Le Passant, Estrie

Christine Richard, Secrétaire

Centre de crise de l’Ouest de l’île, Montréal

Barbara Martin, Administratrice

Centre de crise de Québec, Québec

Véronique collin, Administratrice

Centre de crise Soleil Levant, Laurentides

Sabine Roblain, Administratrice

Les Services de crise de Lanaudière, Lanaudière

Contact Us

RESICQ is an administrative group that promote alternative, community-based practices for crisis intervention. RESICQ does not offer any crisis intervention services.

Contact RESICQ

To request assistance or to speak with an intervention worker, please call the crisis intervention center in your area.


While the quality of our services is a crucial aspect of our commitment, RESICQ is not responsible for investigating any complaints that may be filed against its members.

​Prior to filing a complaint, we kindly request that you first discuss any concerns or complaints you may have with the person responsible for the organization’s services.

​If you are still not satisfied despite the responses you have received from the person in charge, and wish to submit a complaint, you can consult the Régime d’examen des plaintes du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux (Health and social services network complaint examination system).